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About Paws Forward 

Paws-Forward was started as I wanted to share my passion for dogs and how they enrich our lives.  I decided to offer more than the basic skills. I wanted to inspire people to learn, to develop an understanding and learn to observe canine communication.  To support dog and owner through emotional, social and behavioural development stages shared in their lives.  To do this, I needed to be flexible in my training. Therefore, I limited my class sizes to 4 dogs, this allows me to observe you and your dog and to work on training that is relevant to your relationship in bonding.

I stand for positive, humane, reward, fun based training, which is scientifically proven to work with brilliant results.  I distance myself from the Dominance and Pack Theories both of which have been proven to be detrimental to your dogs’ welfare. In my classes there will be no forms of punitive training such as force, pain, fear or stress methods used.

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